How do I convert WiseScript or SMS Installer using Wise for Windows Installer?


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How do I convert WiseScript or SMS Installer using Wise for Windows Installer?


If you are moving from script-based installations to the Windows Installer technology, you can get a head start on your .msi package by importing your Wise or SMS script.

Also, some script actions can cause problems with the import process. Before importing a script, open it and delete all Display Billboard, Display Graphic, and Add Icon script actions from the script.

To import a Wise installation script or SMS script:

  1. Go to Tools > Convert SMS Installer or WiseScript Installation or go to File > Convert > SMS Installer or WiseScript Installation.
  2. In the Installation Script field, browse to the .EXE, .WSE, or .IPF file you wish to convert.
    With this tool, you can convert the following types of installation scripts:
    1. A .wse file created in version 5.0 and later of Wise Installation System.
    2. A .wse file created in WiseScript Editor.
    3. An .ipf file created in Microsoft's System Management Server (SMS).
    4. An .exe file created by one of the applications above. Do this when you do not have the original installation file. The compiled .exe file contains an embedded copy of the installation script.
  3. If you chose to import an .exe file, you must also complete the Extract Directory field. The location you specify will be a temporary directory that holds the files extracted from the .exe.
  4. Click the Next button to initiate the import process.
  5. If there are errors in the import process, a dialog will display to notify. For instance, if files referenced by the original script could not be found, an error is displayed.
  6. Click Finish.

The old script is now integrated into a new or current Wise for Windows Installer installation. Relevant pages in Installation Expert are filled out for you automatically based on settings read from the imported script. The pages most likely to be populated are Files, Registry, Shortcut and INI Files.

However, because WiseScript installations and SMS Installer scripts are based on a technology that is different from the Windows Installer technology, not all elements of your script are converted to Windows Installer format. Only the installation of files, registry changes, and other system changes are converted. Components are converted to features, and Execute Program script actions are converted to Call EXE custom actions.

Custom dialogs, custom logic, and other settings are not converted.

Note: This option is only available for version of Wise for Windows Installer 6.02 and older. Wise Installation Studio 7.0 does not have this feature.