How to configure security for observing reports data with a scoped user


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If authorizing to the SMP console under a user who is allowed to see only resources belonging to a custom created Organization View (scoped used), then by default if such a user opens several of SWM reports, he / she won't see any results in the report.

To see report results under scoped user after opening a report a user should click current resource group filter in Parameters section, then 'Choose Resource Group' webpage dialog opens where Organizational Views (views allowed to be viewed by scoped user) will be shown. In this webpage dialog a user can select all Organization Views by selecting root tree folder called 'Organizational Views' or some specific Organization View (please, see attached screenshot 'scoping_filter').

After selecting an Organization View and refreshing a report, a report will show results from computers included in the selected Organization View(s).

Please note that this action should be performed only once for any specific report. If opening a report again, a report will show results using previously selected Organization View.

This is applicable to the following SWM reports:
Software Compliance by Computer
Software Compliance by Managed Delivery Policy
Software Compliance Remediation Summary
Software Compliance Summary
Software Compliance Detailed Summary
Software Compliance Status
Quick Delivery Status by Computer
Quick Delivery Status by Task
Quick Delivery Details by Computer
Quick Delivery Details by Task
Status (All Instances)
Summary (All Executions)
Audit Summary
Download Status
Download Summary
Execution Attempts
Execution Failures
Execution Status
Execution Summary


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