Install the Altiris Agent using a Login Script


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




How do I install the Altiris Agent using a Login Script?



Use the Login Script installation for computers not yet discovered in your environment but that you want to manage when they join a domain. Before implementing any login script, run it on a test server to ensure it works for your environment. Also, ensure you have administrative rights on the target computer.


Creating a Login Scipt

Use the following sample as a reference for creating your own script. When configuring it, you must:

  • Include the quotes around the URL path.
  • Substitute MY_NS_SERVER with your Notification Server name.
  • Substitute domain with your domain name.

    if exist c:\winnt\sytem32\aexswdinstsvc.exe goto install

    net use n: \\MY_NS_SERVER\x86 /persistent:no
    copy n:\aexswdinstsvc.exe c:\winnt\system32

    net use n: /delete


    if exist c:\winnt\system32\aexnsc.log goto end

    c:\winnt\system32\aexswdinstsvc.exe -u “http://MY_NS_SERVER/Altiris/ns/nscap/bin/win32/x86/ns client package/aexnsc.exe” -s -w http://MY_NS_SERVER/Altiris
    -nostartmenu -accUserName SERVERNAME\USERNAME -accUserPassword Ic56rZ7dILYNJskh0HX6Ozxm8fCa3mzzOi3mWw== (The encrypted password can be found in HKLM > Software > Altiris > Communications > Package Access Password OR the UserName in Package Access User)

Running the Login Script

Run the script on the Domain Controller as part of the Windows Account profile. When someone logs in, the Windows client asks the Domain Controller for a profile that you can configure to contain the login script.

Command line arguments for AeXSWDInstSvc

[-u URL]
[-s server_name]
[-w URL]
[-d path]
[-c chunk_size]
[-p pause_interval]
[-?] [-h]

For details of these options see KB 38380