HOW TO: Change Network Settings in PGP Universal Server Clusters


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Changing the network settings of a cluster member prevents the servers from communicating with each other. Prior to changing the network configuration you must remove the server from the PGP Universal Server cluster and then rejoin the cluster.

To change a cluster member server’s network settings:
  1. Login to the PGP Universal Server admin interface.
  2. Click System > Clustering.
  3. Next to the server  you want to edit, click Delete.
  4. Select the Network tab and edit the desired settings for the server.
  5. Click Save.
After saving the configuration update, the server automatically reboots.
  1. Rejoin the server to the cluster by adding the server to the cluster.
  2. From another cluster server’s admin interface, click Contact on the System > Cluster page to complete rejoining the cluster.