HOW TO: Add a stand-alone server to a PGP Universal Server Cluster


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This article describes how to add an existing stand-alone PGP Universal Server to a cluster.
If the joining server is already configured as a stand-alone PGP Universal Server, you can generate the Join Cluster request from the stand-alone server’s administrative interface.
1.     Joining a stand-alone server to a cluster:
2.     Login to the PGP Universal Server admin interface on the stand-alone (joining) server.
3.     Click System > Clustering.
4.     Click the Join Cluster...button.
After a warning, the joining server is put into a wait state until contact is initiated from the sponsor server.
5.     Login to the PGP Universal Server admin interface on the sponsoring server.
6.     Click System > Clustering.
7.     Click Add Cluster Member. The Add Member screen is displayed.
8.     Type the hostname of the stand-alone server and click Save.
9.     Next to the stand-alone server’s name, click Contact.
The status of the server changes from Pending to Replicating. Once the sponsoring host has initiated contact, a replication status notice appears with a progress bar that shows the progress of the data replication process.
After replication is complete, the stand-alone server is shown as a cluster member.
Note: Settings from the sponsoring server are replicated to the joining server. If the joining server was configured differently than the sponsoring server, the configuration is replaced by the sponsoring server's configuration, except for the following:
  • Network settings
  • Mail routes and proxies
  • Server certificates.