Using the Advanced Report Builder to Create Custom Reports


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)





Despite the wide range of reports available out-of-the-box, you may find yourself needing to generate a custom report.

Notification Server

You have a need to create custom reports beyond the capabilities of the available Report Builder Wizard provided by Notification Server


For  a more detailed description of all the available options see KB 27167

Creating advanced reports usually requires access to data in tables you will have to link to; an OUTER JOIN of the table is required.

To implement an OUTER JOIN of the required tables you need to use the Advanced Report Builder. In the Advanced Report Builder wizard you will be guided in the use of selecting tables, joining tables, selecting fields, selecting conditions, sorting tables, testing your query, and editing SQL code.

To access the Advanced Report Builder Wizard:

1. Click the Reports tab in the NS console.
2. In the tree view pane (on the left side of the console), right-click a report folder and select New>Report.
3. In the Report Builder, click the Advanced Report Builder.
4. Click Next.

Follow the wizard steps through Beginning a Query, Join Selection, Field Selector, Conditionals, Sorting and Grouping, and Testing Your Query..