Install the Altiris Agent using the Installation Program
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Install the Altiris Agent using the Installation Program


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How do I install the Altiris Agent using the Installation Program?


We recommend using the Installation Program if you have completed a large Push Installation and a few managed computers failed to receive the agent. Never run the Installation Program without first configuring parameters to suit your environment.
This program is downloaded and run by the Altiris Agent Bootstrap program. For information, see the Altiris Agent High Level Data document.
Running the Installation Program

On the target computer, run AeXNSC.exe, located on the Notification Server at NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\NS Client Package. This extracts the Altiris Agent installation files into a temporary location and runs the installation setup.Define the following information:The Notification Server the Altiris Agent will interact with.The IP Address for the Notification Server.Hostname for the Notification Server (you can use the fully qualified domain name). From the managed computer, verify the hostname entered by running ping <hostname> from a command prompt.Customizing the Installation Program The following table lists and describes the command line arguments belonging to AeXNSC.exe. Use these variables as required to tailor the Installation Program to your environment:
ParameterDescription-sSilent mode for the package to extract the files for the Altiris Agent installation setup.-a argumentsSpecifies the arguments to be passed to the Altiris Agent installation setup.ns=“NotificationServer”Specifies the Notification Server that the Altiris Agent connects to.nsweb=“NotificationServerWeb”Specifies the Notification Server Web that the Altiris Agent connects to. This is optional. By default, it is “http://NSName/Altiris”.path=InstallationPathSpecifies the folder where the Altiris Agent is installed.NOSTARTMENUSpecifies that no start menu item will be installed for the Altiris Agent.NOTRAYICONSpecifies that the Altiris Agent will not show tray icon on initial startup.OKTOREBOOTSpecifies that the installation will prompt for rebooting the managed computer if needed. If this switch is not specified, the installation will not prompt or attempt to reboot the managed computer./nologgingTurns off logging./regdiagsEnables diagnostics. These diagnostics allow the user to view the log file through the Altiris Agent User Interface. It also displays other current settings on the Altiris Agent. We only recommended enabling diagnostics for test environments, or when troubleshooting./removeSpecifies that the Altiris Agent will be uninstalled from the managed computer. This is a silent uninstall. You can create a task to send this to all managed computers you want to uninstall the Altiris Agent from./ADDREMOVESpecifies that the Altiris Agent will be added to Add/Remove Programs./sSilent mode for the Altiris Agent installation setup./reinstallSpecifies that the Altiris Agent can be installed on a computer with Altiris Agent already installed.
Sample Installation 1
The following command line installs the Altiris Agent as follows:The managed computer connects to the Notification Server on a start menu.Without a tray icon.With a reboot option, if required.Silently.aexnsc.exe –s –a ns=”[Servername].[Domain]” nsweb=”http://[Servername].[Domain]/Altiris” NOSTARTMENU NOTRAYICON OKTOREBOOT /s
Sample Installation 2

The following command line performs an automated install:

aexnsc.exe -s -a nsweb=http://[Servername].[Domain]/Altiris /s