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Apple has provided a large number of command line utilities that facilitate the management of Mac client computers. Many of these scripts have been used to create 'run script' tasks in the Symantec Management Platform (SMP)console for use by Altiris administrators. These scripts allow for controlling features such as disabling bonjour, disabling bluetooth, disabling CD automatic actions, enabling energy saver settings, specifying a Software Update Server, forcing disk permissions repair and many other functional aspects of Mac clients.

We recommend that customers add tasks for administration changes they need to perform when those tasks can be done via command line on the client machines. Anything that can be done via command line can be done via a centralized NS/SMP task, as shown in these sample tasks & scripts.

The attached zip file contains an exported xml of the collection of these scripts. The collection can be imported into the SMP. To do so, simply right-click on a desired parent folder, select 'Import' and browse to a local copy of the attached file. The menu structure shown below will be created and all scripts will be available for your use. Feel free to customize the list and the scripts as deemed appropriate for your environment.

Note: These files and scripts are provided as-is. They have not been officially tested by Symantec on every version of Mac OS X or on every version of the Symantec Management Platform. It is incumbent on the user of these scripts to verify their accuracy in the user's environment.



***These scripts, and the entire import xml file, are provided as-is. They are intended to be functional out-of-the-box but Symantec provides no guarantee as to their accuracy or applicability in your environment. Please verify all scripts before using them in your production environment. Symantec will not be held responsible for any misuse, misconfiguration, data or time loss or any other liability due to the use of these scripts.


Mac OS X admin shell get_app
Mac OS X admin shell get_app