How to Pre Populate the pcA Quick Connect for use with Access Server Or pcAnywhere user Authentication info.


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This how to is intended to offer an additional way to launch a pcAnywhere connection by using a Call Host file with pre populate information like Access Server address and credentials, and or pcAnywhere user and password so that this information doesn’t have to be typed each time a connection is made.

A full pcAnywhere install will be required to create and modify the Call Host Files created with this guide.   A full install of pcAnywhere is installed on the Notification (A system with only the Quick connect app is not adequate). 
  1. Launch the full pcAnywhere Gui, change to the advanced view, and choose Remotes from the pcAnywhere Manager.

  2. Choose File> New Item > Advanced.

  3. In the Remote properties screen Check the box "Connect through Gateway or Access Server"  and select the "Details" button.
  4. Check the radio button "Access Server" and fill out the Name or ip Address, the Password and or Group Name if applicable to your Access server.  Click OK

  5. Navigate to the Settings tab.
    • Check the box Automatically login to host upon connection
    • Fill in the Login Name
    • (Optional) Fill in the Password
    • Fill in the Domain

  6. Close the new item it will be back at the full pcAnywhere screen, rename this item with a descriptive name that will be referred to later.
  7. Locate the file that was created it will have the same name with as noted in Step 6 with a CHF extension and copy it to the user’s machine that will be running this remote.  

Note: The default location for xp and 2003 is
c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\symantec\pcAnywhere\remotes\ 
Windows 7, Vista and 2008 store default to

After copying the CHF end remote user they can double click on their CHF file and the pcA Quick connect app will launch and read the contents of this file to connect to the access server listed using the saved credentials. Once a host machine is chosen from the list of machines available the pcAnywhere authentication credentials saved in the CHF file will be passed to the host and used for authentication.