HOW TO: Configure Cluster Replication Settings for Web Messenger


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If you have multiple PGP Universal Servers configured as a cluster, you can choose how PGP Universal Web Messenger messages are replicated between cluster members. There are three options for replication of Web Messenger data: 

  • All - You can have Web Messenger data replicated to all PGP Universal Servers that are running the Web Messenger service.
  • Partial - You can have Web Messenger data replicated to a specific number of servers in the cluster.  Only servers running Web Messenger are eligible to host Web Messenger data.
  • Off - You can elect not to replicate Web Messenger data at all. This is also known as "home" server mode. In this mode each Web Messenger user can access his messages only from the specific PGP Universal Server where his account resides.
To configure your Web Messenger replication settings:
  1. Login to the PGP Universal Server admin interface.
  2. Click Services > Web Messenger and then select Options.
  3. Click Edit. The Edit Web Messenger screen is displayed.
  4. Under Messages, select the radio button next to the desired replication setting and click Save.
  5. The server will temporarily restart to update the configuration settings.
NOTE: PGP Universal Web Messenger data is not replicated to cluster members that are not running the Web Messenger service.