How to Use the Automatic Data Collection Script on the Enforcer 6100 series Appliance


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Starting in version 11.0.6 of the Enforcer 6100 series appliance, an automatic data collection script was added to the command line.  You may be asked to use this to collect data to send to Symantec Technical Support.

To use this, follow these steps:

  1. Download, install, and start a TFTP server on a machine that the Enforcer can communicate with.
  2. Log into the Enforcer as Root.
  3. If requested (or necessary) start a packet capture and reproduce the error at least 3 times to establish a pattern in the capture by entering "capture filter all", then "capture start".
  4. Stop the capture by hitting ESC
  5. From the CLI of the Enforcer, enter (without the quotes) "collect support-info tftp <ipaddress of tftp server>" and the information will be sent to the TFTP server in a .tar file
  6. Send the .tar file to Symantec Support