Hiding the FSLRDR redirection areas


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Workspace Virtualization (formerly SVS)




Hiding the FSLRDR redirection areas

The Workspace Virtualization Agent has a redirection area for files and registry entries. The redirection area for the registry is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\fslrdr. The redirection area for the file system is typically c:\fslrdr. By default, these redirection areas are displayed. They are also protected with ACLs so limited rights users cannot enter these areas.

If you are an administrator, you might want to hide the redirection areas to protect layers from malicious or accidental tampering. For example, a user with rights might see the FLSRDR directory and, not knowing what it is, delete it. Then, all layers would be lost.

If you hide the redirection areas, they are hidden even if the computer is configured to show hidden files. Hiding the redirection areas can cause problems for the programs that traverse the entire file system looking for data. For example, the data is hidden from antivirus scanners and inventory programs. However, if you hide the redirection areas, it does not affect run-time virus checking.

The following procedures hide the redirection areas only on that computer.

To hide the FSLRDR redirection areas manually

  1. In the Windows registry editor , in the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\FSLX\Parameters\FSL key, create a DWORD value called HideRedirectAreas.

  2. Set the value to "1".

  3. Restart the computer.