Installing the Workspace Virtualization Agent silently


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Workspace Virtualization (formerly SVS)




Installing the Workspace Virtualization Agent silently

You can run the Workspace Virtualization installation program from a command line to perform a silent installation.

For example, the following commands perform a silent install of the Agent:

Symantec_Workspace_Virtualization.exe SWV.PRODUCT_KEY=<product-key>

The product key is required. Additional options are listed in the following table. Separate options by a single space.

For example:


Table: Windows Installer command-line properties and descriptions




Changes the location of the file redirection area. The FSLRDR path cannot contain any non-ASCII characters. Unsupported characters include Hi ASCII, numeric digits, special characters, or any other character that cannot be upper or lower case. The file path must be at least three characters.


Changes the default installation location.

SWV.PRODUCT_KEY=<product key>

Specifies the product key for the installation. You obtain this product key from Symantec when you purchase the product or download a key for free personal use of the product. This property is required.


Suppresses the restart prompts. Without this switch, the installer automatically restarts the computer. Do not attempt to use Workspace Virtualization or to import or activate any layers until the computer is restarted.

SWV.ADDLOCAL=<value1>, <value2>

REMOVE=<value1>, <value2>

Add local adds the specified component to the local installation. Remove removes the specified component.

Provide one or more of the following values, separated by commas:

  • SVS_Admin

    Changes the installation location of the command-line utility, WMI provider, and the SWV Admin tool.

  • SDK

    Installs the Workspace Virtualization SDK.

  • Altiris_NS

    Installs the components to integrate with the Symantec Management Platform.

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