AClient.exe is gone or missing from the the express share in 6.8


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The AClient.exe is no longer at the root of the eXpress share in Deployment Solution 6.8.



This will cause the Update AClient miscellaneous sample job to fail, as this job looks in the root of the eXpress share for the AClient.exe file.

Deployment Solution 6.8

The AClient.exe that was at the root of the eXpress share was the Win32 version for Intel x86 architecture.

Since Deployment Solution 6.8 extends its client support to x64 and Itanium systems, AClient.exe was replaced with different versions.


The new AClient.exe files can be found under the agents folder in the eXpress share ("\\<%computername%>\eXpress\agents")

You can copy the appropriate AClient executable out of the folder and paste it at the root of the eXpress Share and then rename it to AClient.exe. This is could be helpful if you have older jobs pointing to the aclient in that location and do not want to edit your jobs.
Note: Do not remove the AClient(s) from the agents folder because it is referenced there for items such as the Remote Agent Installer and auto-upgrade.