HOW TO: Configure PGP Remote Disable & Destroy for a Specific Consumer Policies


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You can enable PGP Remote Disable & Destroy with Intel Anti-Theft Technology for specific consumer policies. Consumer groups that receive those policies are protected.

Note: To use Intel Anti-Theft in a policy, you must also enable PGP Whole Disk Encryption. Intel Anti-Theft activates at enrollment when disk encryption starts.
Best Practices: If there are multiple users for a single computer, it is important that all users belong to the same consumer group and receive the same policy. Having different PGP Remote Disable & Destroy policies applied to the same computer can cause problems, particularly if not all the users have PGP RDD enabled as part of policy. If each user's PGP RDD policy is different, the PGP RDD policy with the shortest rendezvous timer value applies.
To enable PGP RDD for a consumer policy
1.     Login to the PGP Universal Server Admin interface.
2.   Click Consumers > Consumer Policy. The Consumer Policy page is displayed.
3.     Select the consumer policy for which you want to enable PGP RDD. The Consumer Policy Options page appears.
4.     Select PGP Desktop > Desktop...
5.     On the General tab, place a checkmark next to Enable RDD with Intel Anti-Theft Technology.
6.     Click Save.

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