What are the different types of configuration files used when performing a SetupCapture with Wise Package Studio?


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What are the different types of configuration files used when performing a SetupCapture with Wise Package Studio?


There are two types of .ini files used by the SetupCapture tool, the WisePSSC.ini and the Repackage.ini.

The WisePSSC.ini and Repackage.ini contain an exclusion list used by SetupCapture. By default, the exclusion list includes files and registry keys specific to the Wise SetupCapture process as well as common files and registry keys that are not typically included. Configure the exclusion list to suit your organizational needs by adding or deleting from the existing list.

The WisePSSC.ini resides on the client computer in the Windows directory. The Repackage.ini is located at a shared location in Wise Share Point. SetupCapture also includes a third option of creating a custom configuration file. Place the custom configuration file in any desired location, dependent upon the user having security access to the configuration file.

To select a SetupCapture configuration file, follow the steps below:

  1. Double-click SetupCapture Configuration under the Tools tab from Workbench in Wise Package Studio. The SetupCapture Configuration wizard appears.
  2. Click the Change button to select a configuration file. The Configuration dialog appears.
  3. The Configuration File dialog appears with the following options:
    1. Use configuration file on share point. This option is available for repackagers that share the same configurations.
    2. Use configuration file from local PC. This option is available for repackagers that use configurations independently of each other
    3. Use configuration file located in directory below. This option allows the repackagers to select a new configuration file and browse to the location of the file.
  4. Select the option that meets your organizational requirements.
    Note: This option is also available when running SetupCapture from the Workbench tool.

The SetupCapture tool uses a configuration file selected by the repackager during a SetupCapture or from the Setup Configuration tool on the Workbench. SetupCaptures can share a configuration file located on a central server available for all repackagers, or it can use a customized configuration file located on each repackager's computer.