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What is the definition of the ismanaged field in itemResouces?


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Can you give a specific definition of the ismanaged field in itemResouces?


By design, in Notification Server 6.0, all discovered computers are resources, but the ones that have an Altiris agent on them that report inventory to the server have the ismanaged flag set to 1. The vComputer table contains only "Active" computers. A computer that is discovered is considered active unless otherwise specified. An active computer that sends inventory via the Altiris Agent is also considered managed. Only managed and active computers appear in the normal collections.

A computer's status can be set to other than active such as disposed or retired. The ISManaged flag for these computers will remain set but the computer will fall out of the vComputer table and will not show up in the normal collections. vComputer only contains "Active" computers. Non-active computers will still show in the vResource table. All resources appear in the vResource table but only items with ResourceTypeGuids{493435F7-3B17-4C4C-B07F-C23E7AB7781F} are computers.

The Notification Server will reject all events from computers that are flagged other than "active" except for logon events. In order for the Notification Server to start accepting NSEs from "inactive" computers, their status must be set back to "active".

NSEs from Inventory Solution 6.1 will cause a retired computer to change back to active.

You can use the vFixedAssetResourceStatus, vFixedAssetStatus and the ResourceAssociation table to view and associate a computer's status.