What is InstallTailor and how do I use it?


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What is InstallTailor and how do I use it?

InstallTailor is a Wizard which guides you through the process of creating a transform based on responses during the user interface sequence and allows you to edit the transform in Wise for Windows Installer. InstallTailor also creates the shortcut with the correct command line in it and handles the creation of .cab files for files added with the transform.

Clicking on the InstallTailor button on the Wizards page of Wise for Windows Installer brings up the InstallTailor Welcome dialog. Select the .msi file that you would like to base your Transform on and click .

InstallTailor then starts the user interface sequence of the Windows Installer package that you selected. On the dialogs, you should notice in the bottom left hand corner a check box labeled Hide Dialog. To skip the display of the current dialog, check this check box.

Fill in any fields on the current dialog and click . Continue with each dialog until you have completed all the dialogs that display during the installation.

InstallTailor will record the changes that you made to each dialog and use this information when you apply the transform that you are creating.

A dialog appears saying that all the changes have been recorded. Press .

The Capture Complete dialog box will appear. This dialog allows you to specify the name of the .mst file and the location that it will be saved to.

If you want to edit the transform in the Wise for Windows Installer Editor, check the Edit this transform using Wise for Windows Installer check box. This will take you back to Wise for Windows Installer so that you can add or remove resources, or make any other changes that you need.

When you click the button, InstallTailor will create the .mst file and a shortcut which contains the correct command line in the location you specified. If you have added files or other resources, it will also create a .cab file to go with the Transform file and shortcut. The .msi file should be in the same directory as the Transform and .cab file in order to run.