What does the AeXAgentUtil /Clean, /UninstallAgents and /DeleteDevices do?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)





What do the AeXAgentUtil.exe commands /UninstallAgents, /Clean, and /DeleteDevices do?

/UninstallAgents removes all sub-agent information. Any sub-agent that shows up in Add or Remove Programs will have its uninstall process run just as if it was uninstalled from Add or Remove Programs. Examples of sub-agents that will be uninstalled are Application Metering, Carbon Copy, Package Server, Software Delivery Solution Agent, Task Synchronization Agent, and Altiris Recovery Agent. The Altiris Agent itself is not uninstalled nor is the Inventory Agent Package.

/Clean removes all sub-agent information as well as the Altiris Agent components from the registry and the file system, including removing the Altiris Agent directory. The only directories that remain are ...\Program Files\Altiris\Carbon Copy with CCW32.INI and CCW32.INI files and the ...\Program Files\Altiris\Express\Inventory folder and all files.

/DeleteDevices is supposed to remove the 5.5 Notification Server Client devices on all Win32 Operating Systems (however, it doesn't seem to remove them on a Windows* XP SP2).

Below is the code for the /DeleteDevices switch:

if (IsNT())
DeleteDevice("Altiris eXpress NS Client","aexnsclient");
DeleteDevice("Altiris eXpress NS Client Transport","aexnsclienttransport");
DeleteDevice("Altiris Agent","aexnsclient");
bool IsNT()
os.dwOSVersionInfoSize = sizeof ( OSVERSIONINFO );
::GetVersionEx ( & os );
if ( os.dwPlatformId == VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT )
return true;
return false;