Backing up the Notification Server database


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




How do I back up the Notification Server's database?

You should regularly back up the Notification Server database. Basic backup steps are presented here for a reference only and should be incorporated into a consistent backup process appropriate for your organization.

Backing up SQL databases is a function of Microsoft's SQL Server or third-party applications. For detailed information on backing up SQL databases, refer to your backup software's documentation.

Backing up the Notification Server's database using Microsoft SQL Server tools (2000 or 2005):

  1. Open SQL Server management console.
    • For SQL Server 2005:
      1. Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > SQL Server Management Studio.
    • SQL Server 2000: Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > Enterprise Manager.
  2. Open the backup task for the Notification Server database.
    • For SQL Server 2005:
      1. Right-click on the your NS' database name, e.g. Altiris or Symantec_CMDB and select Tasks > Back Up.
    • For SQL Server 2000:
      1. Right-click on the your NS' database name and select All Tasks > Backup Database.
  3. The SQL Backup window will open.
  4. Under Destination, if there are any already defined destinations select it and click Remove.
  5. Set the Backup To to Disk.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Type in the desired location for the backup file with a new file name or use the ellipsis button to the right (...) to browse to a file location again using a new file name (use the current date in the name).  Note: Although not required, backup file names should have the .bak file extension.
  8. Click OK to accept the new destination.
  9. Click OK to begin the backup.
  10. Backup progress is indicated by the following:
    • SQL 2005 displays a rotating circle with the word Executing and a percentage.
    • SQL 2000 displays a vertical progress bar.
  11. When finished the message comes up, click OK:
    • SQL 2005: "The backup of database 'YourDBNameHere' completed successfully"
    • SQL 2000: "The backup operation has been completed successfully."