Patch Management - Does Patch Management support Microsoft Service Pack Updates or 'Optional' updates?


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




Does the Patch Management Solution support the deployment of 'Optional' updates?

Does the Patch Management Solution support the deployment of Microsoft Service Pack Updates or Software Updates?



1.    No, for the 'Important' severity is the lowest severity level supported.

2.    Patch Management 6.X, and currently 7.0 - 7.1, only supports Software Updates. Patch Management Solution was designed to test and rollout Software Updates, in a production environment, giving a certain level of control for each individual update. The main issue concerning Service Packs is the complexity of their application. The installation of a Service Pack may cause a large number of updates to be installed; without individual testing of each update.



Patch Management 6.2 - 7.1 does not support Microsoft Service Packs for several reasons:

  •     With Software Updates being fluid, as Microsoft constantly revises and supersedes updates, this causes a constant change to the Altiris .cab file; which holds the data to perform checks for vulnerabilities.  This fluidity is another problem that arises with pushing out Service Packs. The .cab file would need to be changed on a much grander scale due to the size of the Service Pack files and what they update.
  •     Microsoft Service Packs are not pushed by Patch Management because most Microsoft Service Packs depend on specific Customer interaction with Microsoft directly. 

Patch Management 6.2 - 7.1 does not support ALL Microsoft updates:

  •     Patch Management generally focuses on the Security Bulletins. All supported updates are listed in either the Patch Management's Manage Software Updates Page (version 6.2) or the Patch Remediation Center (version 7.X). If the desired Software Update is not listed in this grid, contact support with the specific KB Update details and request that the update be included in the file release for roll out to the environment.

    Note: Software Delivery Solution has the ability to push out service packs and software upgrades; it was developed alongside the Patch Management Solution.

    Advisory: Patch Management only supports the updates that are supported by Microsoft. Please be aware of the current Operating Systems / Service Packs that are being supported by Microsoft as these products will eventually be End-Of-Life. (e.g. Windows XP SP1 & SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1). 

    Advisory: Patch Management 7.1 SP1 fully support Service Packs and other software update types from many vendors: DOC4240