Is it recommended to install a Package Server on a Domain Controller?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




I want to install a Package Server on my domain controller running on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 / 2000. What are the ramifications of doing this? Is this a good idea to do?

If you have Deployment Solution installed on the network to use your Package Server, then doing this would cause issues when trying to PXE boot due to SMB Signing issues.

Otherwise, it is still not recommended, as this will increase the network traffic load placed on your Domain Controller. Imagine a large package being downloaded from your Domain Controller by a number of Altiris Agents while at the same time your entire network is trying to get information and policies from your Domain Controller.

Because your Domain Controller is an essential piece of your network, and Package Servers require very little CPU and memory usage and only a large amount of disk space, it is recommended to find a separate computer1 you can configure to be a package server.

1. "Package Server" is used loosely; the Package Server Agent does not require server-class hardware. The Package Server agent can be installed on any workstation as well.