How can I add a merge module to my installation?


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How do I add merge modules to my installation ?

From the Windows Installer Editor tool, go to Installation Expert and select the Merge Modules page.  Select the Add button.  You should then see any previously downloaded merge modules listed in the lists of merge modules found on the system.  The name can be different on the actual merge module than you will see in the list. You  can right click on the Merge Module and open it with your Wise Product to see what they have called it.

If the merge modules does not appear in the list, selecting the download buttone will envolk a wizard that will go to the Altiris site and get the necessary merge modules.  The Directories button allows you to select different directories to have the product look for the merge modules if they are in a different location than the default on the machine.

The default location for the Merge Modules is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Merge Modules\Wise Solutions.