When will an SCSP agent attempt to contact an alternate management servers?


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An agent attempts to contact its primary management server through multiple polling intervals before it tries to communicate with any alternate management servers. Only after the agent make 8 attempts to communicate with the primary management server wiil the agent make contact with its alternate management servers. The agent's connectivity status is visually represented from the management console by the Agent State icon which shows the following statuses:

Green - agent is successfully communicating with the management server.

Yellow - agent may have problems communicating with the management server.

Red -  agent attempting to communicate with an alternate management servers.

You can currently run a query on agents to determine which assets are offline.  The red/yellow/green icons to the left of the agent reflects the status of the agent based on the last polling check-in and that agent’s polling interval. Since the icons only “change” when you refresh the screen it is simply a snapshot in time, no actual event is created in the database. What does offline mean?  Currently we use a “fixed” algorithm that compares the number of missed polling intervals to determine its “color” status. Between 2 and 9 missed intervals receives a “Yellow” status and 9 times or greater is marked “Red”.