How to migrate managed computers from Notification Server 6.0 or 7.0 to Symantec Management Platform 7.1?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




NOTE: The following are suggestions based on what has been done with some customers. Most information is part of our Documentation already available (User Guides, Installation Guides, etc).

For information regarding migrating client machines to SMP 7.0, please refer to HOWTO9958  "How to migrate client machines with the Altiris Agent from NS6 to NS7?"

Things to consider:

Legacy SMP agents (6.x/7.0) can still function as per normal with the 7.1 SMP Server but they will need to be redirected to the new server. The Agent Update policy will then need to be enabled to upgrade these to 7.1. Alternatively, once the data from the old server has been imported into the 7.1 SMP Server, users can perform a Discovery and re-push the new agent out to all machines again. 

32bit to 64bit:
64bit Agent Machines who have previously been running the 32bit Agent can continue to run on the 7.1 setup without needing to upgrade to 64bit. To upgrade to 64bit – the corresponding policy will need to be updated.

Solution Plugins
6.X Agents
After the 6.X agent is upgraded to 7.1, any 6x solution agent plugins currently installed will not be loaded, as the Altiris Agent checks the registry for Solution Agent versions and will not load them if version 6.X is detected. Effectively they will lie dormant until they are upgraded to 7.1.
7.0 Agents
7.0 Solution plugins should continue to function as normal. When the 7.0 Agent is upgraded to 7.1, the plugins will continue to work. Also if the agent is upgraded to the 64bit Agent, the 32bit plugins will continue to work.
As well:
1. Disable any policy, task, job, or schedule that is active on the client machines before the agent migration and allow sufficient time for the client machines to obtain those changes
2. Make sure that the client machines are up to the most recent Altiris Agent version (at this point R13) as well most recent versions for the Subagents installed.
3. The Altiris Agent will install in the usual …/program files/Altiris/ directory. By default the installation will be on the c:/ unless it has been changed. If the client machine is a 64bit machine, the structure will be the same unless using WOW where the files will be placed under the program files (x86) directory if it is a 32bit installation in a 64bit machine.
Suggested Migration paths
1)      Keeping the Altiris Agent and removing the installed subagents
a.       Using the /removesubagents switch for aexagentutil
b.      Using the uninstall policies for each Solution
c.       After that you will need to use the Alternate URL to redirect the existing Altiris Agents to the new 7.1 server and then enable the upgrade Altiris Agent policy on the 7.1 server.
2)      Removing completely the Altiris Agent  from client machines
a.      Using the /clean switch for the aexagentconfig
b.      Using the uninstall policy on the NS6 box
c.       Push the Altiris Agent to those machines
3)      If the client machine is also a package server, please make sure to backup your current packages.