Why Item actions and right click menu actions are not replicated when using the 'Replicate Now' option on Security Roles?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




Under the Privileges tab> 'Right-Click Menu - actions' privileges for Default or Solutions Security roles and newly created roles are NOT replicated. 

Example steps:
1. Install Patch Management for Windows and Software Management Solution.
2) Tick some 'Right-Click Menu - Actions' privileges for Patch Admin role or even for any newly created roles.
3) Enable Security replication on Hierarchy.
4) Run replication schedule.
5) Go to the Child NS and make sure that the new security roles has been replicated.

Result: The new security role are replicated to the child NS.  The privileges ticked for the Patch role are also replicated from Parent NS. However, the 'Right-Click Menu - Actions' privileges are NOT ticked at all in the Child NS (although some are ticked in the parent NS).

There is a common misconception that Item actions and right click menu actions which exist in the privileges tab of security roles are privileges, when really they are items and therefore replicate via the Item replication functionality.

The 'Right-Click Menu' categories under the privileges tab of Security Roles are not actually privileges, they are Item actions. The replication of these occurs through standard Item replication, not security object replication.

Example of how these are replicated is below:

- Parent and child in a hierarchy
- Create a custom Security Role
- Inside the privileges tab of the Role, enable > Right click Menu > ‘Add to Organizational group’
  Note: When saved, this automatically grants Read permission to the Custom Security Role for the item action ‘Add to Organization Group’.

These Item Actions exist under 'Settings > Notification Server >Right Click Menu'. As soon as this new Read permission is assigned it creates an entry in the ‘HierarchySingularTask’ table at the parent (See HOWTO42295), as a ‘SecurityOnly’ change for that particular Item Action.
During the next replication schedule run it will send the security changes tracked for that particular Item Action.
Note: You must have Item replication set to either ‘Custom’ or ‘All’. If Item replication is set to ‘None’, security changes on items are not replicated.

After Replication is complete you will notice that the 'Right-Click> Menu action' for ‘Add to organizational group’ is ticked within the Privileges tab of the Custom Security Role at the child.