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Download Advisor: How to adjust Download Insight settings to change the number of detections


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Endpoint Protection




The Detection summary shows how the number of detections might change at different malicious file sensitivity levels. You can adjust the level to provide you the most number of detections with the fewest number of user-allowed detections. When you adjust the level, you also adjust the overall number of detections.
For user-allowed detections, you can create exceptions for the applications that you want to allow your users to download. If you find that a large percentage of detections is user-allowed, you might not want to manage these detections with exceptions. You should set the malicious file sensitivity to a level that results in a manageable amount of user-allowed detections.
You can also set the action for unproven files to Leave alone (log only) or Ignore. This prevents users from making any decisions about the files that they try to download.
Use the Download Insight settings in the Virus and Spyware Protection policy to change the malicious file sensitivity level.