Tuning IIS 6.0 Application Pools properties 'Performance' tab for NS


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




When using Notification Server 6.0, what tuning recommendations does Altiris have for the 'Performance' tab of the Application Pools properties in IIS 6.0?


Tuning recommendations for IIS 6.0, Application Pools properties, Performance tab settings are:

Idle timeout:
* The default is 20 minutes
* This should be at least equal to or greater than the ASP session timeout.  If Idle timeout is shorter than the ASP session timeout then the system may unnecessarily terminate and create worker process threads.  This setting should be increased when a server is idle for the majority of time and decreased when there is not enough new processing space.

Request queue limit:
* The default is 1,000 requests
* Altiris cannot suggest an exact  number for this as there are too many variables since this value is dependent on available memory and CPU.  If this value needs to be increased it is recommended that the number be increased by increments of 50.  If set too high the server will consume too much memory.

Enable CPU monitoring:
* The default is disabled
* Altiris recommends that this be disabled.  Since the only options if this was enabled are 'No action' or 'Shutdown' there is no value gained by enabling this.

Web garden:
* The default is 1 worker process
* Altiris requires that this only be set to use a maximum of 1 worker process.  NS 6.0 currently only supports a setting of 1 and any attempt to increase the work processes will break NS.

Note: The default values are recommended for most Notification Server configurations.  Any attempt to optimize these settings involves complex system monitoring and analysis of the entire Windows and Altiris environments and should be done in consultation with Altiris Professional Service.