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How to modify the parameters of a clone of the Windows Compliance by Computer report to filter by a non-default filter


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Patch Management Solution for Windows





The customer cloned the Windows Compliance by Computer report.
He changed the "Filtered By" parameter to filter by a server filter he has created.
He then created a Notification E-mail policy to run once a week based upon this cloned report with the custom parameter.

When the report is closed the "Filtered By" parameter defaults back to the "All Windows Computers with Software Update Plug-in Installed" filter.
He cannot get it to permanently change to his custom filter.
He can modify the report and manually run it, but the parameter always goes back to default so the Notification E-mail policy contains data for all the Windows computers with the Software Update Plug-in installed instead of just the servers in his custom filter.



You can permanently modify the filter used by the cloned report by doing the following:

  1. Find the Guid of the filter you wish to modify the report to use, see below for steps to obtain the Guid.
  2. Open the report and click on the "Edit" button in the upper right corner.
  3. Then select the "Report Parameters" tab.
  4. Click on "FilterCollection" and then click on the "Edit" icon, pencil icon, above the parameter names.
  5. Replace the Guid in the "Default Value" line with the Guid of the filter you want to use.
  6. Click on "OK".
  7. Then click on "Save Changes".


To find the Guid of the filter you wish to use in the report do the following:

  1. Go to Manage > Filters > "Folder the desired filter is in"  > "Desired filter"
  2. Right click on the desired filter and select "View as XML".
  3. The filter's Guid will be on the first line and is displayed as:  <item guid="GUID"..............