How to understand the file extensions of Symantec Endpoint Protection updates in LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x


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Endpoint Protection


When an internal LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x server is configured for Symantec Endpoint Protection, LUA 2.x will download files with particular extensions. How to know what they are? Please find information below: 

File type Description
*.skn White list update file
*.cal Commercial applications list update file
*.osi Virus Definitions for MAC intel based
*.osx Virus Definitions for MAC
*110119022.m25 /.m26 /.m30 Daily delta since 2011-01-19 r22
*emt64nav2k8enc.m25/.m26/.m30 64-bit monthly delta, it is HUBdefs
*nav2k8ennm25.m25/.m26/.m30 32-bit monthly delta, it is HUBdefs
*ful25.m25/.m26/.m30 32-bit full virus definitions
*emt64nav2k8encful.m25/.m26/.m30 64-bit full virus definitions
*cur25.m25/.m26/.m30 Weekly delta


.m25 - SEP 11

.m26 - SEP 12.1

.m30 - SEP 14.x



Depending on the network architecture, it may be necessary for administrators to configure proxy servers or firewall to allow downloading files of these file types.