HOW TO: Add Security Questions for PGP WDE


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This article provides instructions on how to add Security Questions for PGP Whole Disk Encryption.

Beginning with version 10, PGP Desktop for Windows provides a Local Self Recovery feature which provides a way for you to access your encrypted drive from the PGP BootGuard screen if you have forgotten your passphrase. To enable the Local Self Recovery feature, you create Security Questions after encrypting the disk. If you forget your passphrase, you must answer three of the five questions correctly.

To create the Local Self Recovery questions

  1. Open PGP Desktop and then click the PGP Disk Control box.
  2. Select the disk in the Select disk or partition to encrypt window.
  3. Click the user below User Access and then click the Add Security Questions button.
  4. Type the passphrase for the disk and click Next.
  5. Create a security question.

    Note: You can click the down arrow in section 1 to choose a different question or to create your own question. Then personalize your questions by clicking the down arrows on the available words in section 2.

  6. Answer your question and click Next.
  7. Create and answer the five security questions.
  8. Click Finish.
When complete, the user's name is displayed with LSR to the right to indicate that "local self recovery" has been configured for the user.