HOW TO: Disable Automatic Detection of Email Accounts - PGP Desktop 10 for Windows


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This article details how to disable the automatic detection of email accounts by PGP Desktop.

When secure email messaging is enabled, PGP Desktop monitors the email traffic between your email client and your mail server. Depending on the circumstances, PGP Desktop will intercede on your behalf to encrypt, sign, decrypt, or verify messages.

Unless you remove the checkmark next to Automatically detect my email accounts during the PGP Setup Assistant, this option is enabled by default. The Discover new accounts option can be disabled by adjusting the PGP Desktop Options.

To disable automatic discovery of email accounts


  1. Click the PGP Tray icon in the Windows System Tray.
  2. Click Options then select the Messaging tab.
  3. Remove the checkmark next to Discover new accounts.
  4. Click OK.

Future email accounts to be encrypted by PGP Desktop must be manually created by selecting the New Messaging Service in the PGP Messaging Control box.