HOW TO: Create Symantec Encryption Management Server Backups


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This article details how to create backups for Symantec Encryption Management Server (previously PGP Universal Server).

Note: Backup files, whether scheduled or on-demand, are always encrypted to your Organization Key before they are sent to the backup location.

Backup files can be stored on SEMS, or they can be automatically sent via FTP or SCP to a location you specify.  If your remote host is temporarily unavailable, the backup file is stored on SEMS until the host becomes available.  Make sure that you get the backup file from the host in binary format, not ASCII.  Backups include all information necessary to restore the server to its exact condition when the backup was created, including proxy and policy settings, as well as keys and user information.  It is recommended to make periodic backups of all Encryption Management Servers.  Each backup is a full backup.

To help make sure that your data is available, Symantec Encryption Management Server (SEMS) supports backing up your data in two ways:

  • Scheduled backups - Allow you set up a schedule so that backups of your data are made automatically.
  • On-demand backups - You create a backup immediately.

Scheduling Backups

To schedule automatic backups

  1. Log in to the Encryption Management Server administrative interface.
  2. Select System > Backups and click Backup Schedule. The Backup Schedule dialog box appears.
  3. Click Enable Scheduled Backups.
  4. Select the boxes under the days of the week you want backups performed.
  5. Specify a time for the backups to begin in the Start backups at field.
  6. Click Save.

On-demand Backups

To create a manual backup

  1. Log into the Encryption Management Server administrative interface.
  2. Select System > Backups.
  3. Click Backup Now.