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HOW TO: Download Custom PGP Universal Server SNMP MIB Files


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This article details how to download custom PGP MIBs for SNMP monitoring.

SNMP enables a network management application to monitor the health and activity of the PGP Universal Server software and the computer on which it is installed.

PGP Corporation provides a custom MIB extension to allow you to poll for PGP Universal Server-specific information. The MIB files are called PGP-UNIVERSALMIB.mib and PGP-SMI.mib. The root Object ID (OID) for the PGP Universal Server custom MIB set is .

To download the custom MIB files


  1. Login to the PGP Universal Server administrative interface.
  2. Select the Services > SNMP card then click Download PGP MIBs.
  3. Save the zipped file to your desktop.
  4. Unzip, and extract the files PGP-UNIVERSAL-MIB.mib and PGPSMI.mib.
  5. Depending on which SNMP browser you use, you may need to compile the MIBs before you can add them to the browser. The MIB files are formatted as text and can be converted to a database form before they can be used. Consult the documentation for your SNMP browser.
  6. Import the PGP custom MIBs to your SNMP browser.