HOW TO: Encrypt a File with ASCII Output (ASCII armored file)


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This article details the steps to encrypt files with PGP Zip with an ASCII output (also known as ASCII armored file).

When needled, PGP Zip allows you to encrypt a file as a binary file. When the file is encrypted the file is output as a text file. Saving the file as ASCII text increases the size of the encrypted file by about 30%.

To encrypt a file with an ASCII output


  1. Browse to the file or folder containing the desired file(s).
  2. Right-click the file then select PGP Desktop > Add "Doc Name" to new PGP Zip. The PGP Zip Assistant is displayed.
  3. Below the file window, click the PGP Zip Advanced Options button.
  4. Select Output Text and click OK.
  5. Complete the PGP Zip Assistant to encrypt the files.

Note: If needed, the box Remember these settings next time can be selected. The next time PGP Zip or Secure files will be used, the output will be in ASCII armored.