HOW TO: Change the Location When Automatically Backing Up Your PGP Keypair


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This article provides step-by-step instructions to automatically backup a PGP Keypair.

By default, Encryption Desktop (previously PGP Desktop) automatically creates a backup of your keyring (private and public keys) to the default keyring folder when Encryption Desktop is closed.  The backup files can then be used to restore your key if your keyring files are accidentally deleted or the files become corrupted.

This option is set within PGP Options and also allows you to specify a different location for the backup keyring files.


To specify the keyring backup location

  1. Open Symantec Encryption Desktop.
  2. Click Tools and then select Options.
  3. Select the Keys tab.
  4. In the Backup section, confirm that Backup keys upon exiting Encryption Desktop is checked.
  5. Select the radio button next to to this location:
  6. Click Browse to specify the location to backup your keyring files.
  7. Click OK twice to apply the changes.