HOW TO: Send your public key - PGP Desktop 9.x for Windows


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This article details how to send your PGP public key to recipients for encryption. Sending your public key allows the recipients to send you encrypted information using your public key and verifies your digital signature.

You can distribute your public key to recipients by publishing your key on the PGP Global Directory, including your key in an email message, or attaching the key file to an email message.

You can send your public key to another PGP customer using one of the methods below.

Include Your Public Key in an Email Message


  1. Open PGP Desktop.
  2. Open your email client, create a new message, and address it to the recipient to whom you are sending your public key.
  3. From PGP Desktop, select your key, then drag and drop your key onto the body of the email message. Your key block displays as an attachment in the email message.
  4. Send the message.

Attach Your Public Key file to an Email Message


  1. Open PGP Desktop.
  2. Click the PGP Keys Control box.
  3. Right-click the key you want to send and select Send To > Mail Recipient.
  4. Your email client opens a message with your public key as an attachment.
  5. Type a recipient for the message and send the message.