HOW TO: Encrypt files Using PGP Zip on PGP Mobile Devices


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This article describes how to use PGP Zip to encrypt files with PGP Mobile.

This articles details how to use PGP Zip to encrypt an individual file located on your device or on an external storage card. A PGP Zip Archive package is a single file that is encrypted and compressed for convenient transport or backup. PGP Zip can encrypt files to recipient keys or to a passphrase as a Self Decrypting Archive (SDA).

Note: A Self Decrypting Archive (SDA) can be less secure than encrypting with recipientsÂ’ keys, although still highly secure. The security of the SDA is determined by the strength and complexity of its passphrase.

PGP Zip SDA files are standard Windows executable (.exe) files that you an open simply by double-clicking them.

To encrypt a file

  1. Launch PGP Mobile. To do this, select Start > Programs, and then select PGP Mobile.

  2. In the main PGP Mobile screen, select New PGP Zip. If the main screen is not displayed, select Menu > PGP Zip > Encrypt. The Encode File screen is displayed.

  3. Locate and select the file you want to encrypt.

  4. When prompted, select the key(s) you want to use to encrypt the file.

  5. To specify additional settings, select Options.

  6. Select Done. The file is encrypted.