HOW TO: Export keys on PGP Mobile


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This article describes how to export a public key using PGP Mobile.

To distribute your public key to others, export it to a file and then make this file available to the person with whom you want to communicate securely.

To export the public key


  1. Launch PGP Mobile. To do this, select Start > Programs, and then select PGP Mobile.

  2. In the main PGP Mobile screen, select PGP Keys. If the main screen is not displayed, select Menu > Key List. The list of keys on your keyring is displayed.

  3. In the keys list, select the key you want to export. The Key Type screen is displayed.

  4. To export the key, select Options > Export Key. The PGP Key Export screen is displayed.

  5. To save the key to a specific folder, select the Folder field and select the folder you want to use. The default location is your My Documents folder.

  6. To specify the location, such as an external card on your drive, select the Location field and select the location where you want the file saved.

    Note: If you do not have an external storage card inserted in the device, the only option available is Main Memory.

  7. Select Save to export the key. A message is displayed briefly that the key is being exported, and the Key Type screen is displayed again.