HOW TO: Create a Administrator Key for PGP WDE Workgroup Edition


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This article details how to create a PGP key to use as a Administrative Key for the PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition.

The PGP WDE administrator key has several purposes. During client installation, it is used to encrypt the WDRTs during the client installation process. After deployment, it is used for administrator access to the WDRTs, as well as providing an additional means of access (in combination with smart cards or tokens) to locked systems.

Creating an administrator key for the PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition requires an existing installation of PGP Desktop to create a PGP key.

To create a administrator key

  1. Open PGP Desktop.
  2. Click the PGP Keys Control box.
  3. Select File > New PGP Key or press Ctrl+N. The first screen of the PGP Key Generation Assistant is displayed.
  4. Click Next. The Name and Email Assignment screen is displayed.
  5. Type a Name and Email Address.

    Note: To specify advanced settings for the key you are creating, click Advanced. The Advanced Key Settings dialog box is displayed. Use this dialog box to specify the key type and size, expiration, and other settings.

  6. Click Next.
  7. Type a passphrase for your key.
  8. To confirm your entry, press Tab to advance to the Confirmation field, then type the same passphrase again.

    Normally, as an added level of security, the characters you type for the passphrase do not appear on the screen. However, if you are sure that no one is watching, and you want to see the characters of your passphrase as you type, select the Show Keystrokes checkbox.

  9. Click Next to begin the key generation process. PGP Desktop generates your new keypair.
  10. When the key generation completes, click Next. You are prompted to add the public key portion of the key you just created to the PGP Global Directory.
  11. Click Skip
  12. Click Finish. Your new PGP keypair has been generated. It should be visible in the PGP Keys Work area. If you don’t see it listed, make sure All Keys or My Private Keys is selected in the PGP Keys Control box.
Caution: Consider backing up your private key to a safe location at this point. Your private key is very important, and losing it could have catastrophic consequences once you have data that is encrypted to it.