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Change Email Address for PGP Universal Server Enrollment Email Message


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This article details how to change the default email address for the enrollment email from the PGP Universal Server.

When using the Email Enrollment option to enroll client users with your PGP Universal Server, after the client enrollment begins, the user receives an email message from the server to continue enrollment. The default email address that is used when PGP Universal Server sends the enrollment email is [email protected] Where domain is the name of your domain. The email message address can be modified by altering a template on the PGP Universal Server.

To modify the template

  1. Login to the PGP Universal Server administrative interface.
  2. Click the Mail card then select the Message Templates tab.
  3. Click Internal User Welcome Message -- Mail Now Secured.
  4. At the top of the message template window, edit the From field to the address desired. See example below.
  5. Above the entry X-PGP-Universal-Enrollment: yes, add the following additional line to the template.

    X-PGP-fromaddress: $FROM

  6. Click Save to update the template.
After editing the template, all enrollment email messages from the PGP Universal Server will display the address of [email protected].