HOW TO: Change the Default Keyring Folder Location


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This article provides step by step instructions on how to move the PGP keyring folder from its default location.


This article details the steps to relocate the PGP keyring folder from its default location in Windows. PGP Keys is the feature of PGP Desktop you use to create and maintain your keypair(s) and the public keys of other PGP Desktop users.

Besides making backup copies of your keys, you should be especially careful about where you store your private key. Even though your private key is protected by a passphrase that only you should know, it is possible that someone could discover your passphrase and then use your private key to decipher your email or forge your digital signature. For instance, somebody could look over your shoulder and watch the keystrokes you enter or intercept them on the network or even over the Internet.

Your private and public keys are stored in separate keyring files. You can copy them to another location on your hard drive or to a diskette. By default, the private keyring (secring.skr) and the public keyring (pubring.pkr) are stored along with the other program files in your PGP folder; you can save your backups in any location you like.

To move your PGP keyring folder:


  1. Open the My Documents folder.
  2. Copy the PGP folder to your desired location.
  3. Open PGP Desktop.
  4. Select the PGP Keys Control box.
  5. Right-click All Keys and select Properties. The PGP Keyring Properties are displayed.
  6. Click the button next to Public keyring file: and browse for the PGP folder moved in step 2.
  7. Select the pubring file and click Open.
  8. Click the button next to Private keyring file: and browse for the PGP folder moved in step 2.
  9. Select the secring file and click Open.
  10. Click OK to update the keyring properties.


NOTE:  Changing the keyring folder location is not supported with Windows secure folders, such as C:\Windows or C:\Program Files.