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HOW TO: Configure the PGP Universal Server Backup Location


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This article details how to configure the backup location for the PGP Universal Server.

Configuring the Backup Location

By default, backups are saved to the local disk on the PGP Universal Server. You can specify another location to save backup files to instead. Backup files are then automatically sent to that location via FTP or SCP. If you change your backup location, you cannot restore from backups stored on the old location, even though the backup files still appear listed on the System Backups page.

To configure the backup location

  1. Log in to the PGP Universal Server administrative interface.
  2. On the System > System Backups screen, click Backup Location. The Backup Location dialog box appears.
  3. Choose Save backups on this PGP Universal Server, or to have backups saved to a remote location, select Save backups to a remote location.
  4. Select FTP, SCP Password Authentication, or SCP Keypair Authentication.
  5. Type the backup location hostname in the Hostname field.
  6. Type the port number in the Port field. The default FTP port is 21. The default SCP port is 22.
  7. Specify a Directory to which to save the backup. The default backup directory is the FTP or SCP home directory for the username you choose.