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HOW TO: Restore Symantec Encryption Management Server from a Backup


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How to Restore Symantec Encryption Management Server from a Backup.


This article details how to restore Symantec Encryption Management Server (previously PGP Universal Server) from a backup file.

In the event of a minor problem, you can restore the Symantec Encryption Management Server (SEMS) to any saved backup. In the event that a Encryption Management Server is no longer usable, you can restore its data from a backup onto a newly installed server during the initial setup using the Setup Assistant. All backups are encrypted to the Organization Key and can be stored securely remotely.

Caution: As all backups are encrypted with the your Organization Key, it is extremely important to back up your Organization Key. If you lose your Organization Key and have not backed it up, you cannot restore from backups encrypted to the Organization Key.

To configure a SEMS with data from a backup, you need to have both the appropriate backup file and the Organization Key on the setup computer. Restoring from a backup restores everything configured, including proxy and policy settings, as well as keys and user information.

Note: Remember that you must have stored the backup in a location other than on the server itself, if you want to restore the data after upgrading.

For more information on configuring Encryption Management Server backups, see article HOWTO42106 .

If the SEMS software you are using for your configuration restore is a different version than was used to make the backup file from which you are restoring, you may have problems performing the restore.

To restore backed-up data on a new install

  1. After performing the initial installation of the server, access the Setup Assistant for the new server in a web browser using the hostname or IP address you assigned to the server e.g. https://yourservername:9000 or
  2. On the Welcome screen, read the text, then click the Forward button. The End User License Agreement screen appears.
  3. Read the text, click the I Agree button at the end, and then click the Forward button. The Setup Type screen appears.
  4. Select Restore, then click the Forward button. The Import Organization Key screen appears.
  5. Copy your Organization Key and paste it into the box or import a file containing the key, then click the Forward button. The Upload Current Backup File screen appears.
  6. Click Choose File, select the backup file from which you want to restore, then click OK.
  7. The Network Configuration Changed screen appears and the server restarts automatically.