HOW TO: Create a Customized PGP BootGuard Screen


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Drive Encryption Encryption Management Server




This article includes a tech note on how to customize the PGP BootGuard screen. Administrators in a Symantec Encryption Management Server\PGP Universal-managed environment can configure the Drive Encryption\PGP Whole Disk Encryption boot screen to display the text and graphics of their choice.

Download the document on how to customize the PGP BootGuard screen by clicking the attachment below.

The custom background images must be created according to the following specifications:

  • XPM files only.
  • Image size of 640 by 480.
  • Palette of 15 colors only, including black (one color is reserved for fonts). You do not have to use all 15 colors in the image.
  • 8-bit RGB only (cannot be 16-bit RGB). You can verify you are using 8 bit by looking at the XPM header using a text editor: 8-bit values appear as #285A83 (one hex triplet), 16-bit values appear as #28285A5A8383 (two hex triplets).
  • The compressed .xpm file must not exceed 32k.


Customizing_the_PGP_BootGuard_Screen.pdf get_app
Customizing_the_PGP_BootGuard_Screen.pdf get_app