HOW TO: Customize PGP Universal Server Messages using Message Templates


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This article describes how to customize the default mail templates included within PGP Universal Server.


Note: This answer pertains to PGP Universal Server 2.5 and above.


HOW TO: Customize PGP Universal Server Messages using Message Templates

Message templates let you modify the contents of the predefined messages sent out by the PGP Universal Server in various circumstances; the wording of the Smart Trailer, for example.  Each message template can be customized so you can add any content that may be important for your specific situation.

Most message templates include one or more template variables. These variables always begin with a $, such as $URL. These variables convert directly into RFC 822 headers with appropriate text when the message is sent. Some variables are optional, others are required.

Changing the format of the template can also cause it to fail. If you change or remove the blank line between the email headers and the message body, a template will no longer be considered by the system to be well-formed, and the template will fail.


Caution: Be cautious when editing templates, the PGP Universal Server will not send messages based on a template with incorrect or 822-unsupported variables.

The message template character set is UTF-8. Do not change the character set as messages based on the templates will be unreadable.



Editing a Message Template

  1. From the PGP Universal Administrative interface, click the Mail tab and then Message Templates tab.
  2. Click on the description of the template you wish to edit.The Edit Message Template screen appears.
  3. Make your desired changes to the message template.
  4. To revert to the default content (both text and variables) of a message template, click Revert to Default Message.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Test the edited template to confirm that the template is formatted correctly.