HOW TO: Install PGP Universal Satellite


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This article describes how to install PGP Universal Satellite, and applies to users communicating with PGP Universal Server 2.x.

PGP Universal Satellite is designed to encrypt your email automatically after installation and enrollment. To install, you will be downloading a small file from the PGP Universal Server and executing that file. The steps to do so are:

  • Login to, or create, your Universal Server account
  • Change/Set the delivery setting to PGP Universal Satellite
  • Download and install PGP Universal Satellite
  • Enroll PGP Universal Satellite


Login to, or Create, Your PGP Universal Account 

  1. Click the link in the email that invited you to receive encrypted emails from PGP Universal. If you have already been using the Web Messenger option, you will need to open a new Internet browser window and type the address of the server (e.g.
  2. If this is a new account, establish a passphrase and click Continue.
  3. If you have already been using Web Messenger, click Settings.
  4. Select PGP Universal Satellite and click Choose Option.
  5. Review the software agreement and click I Agree at the bottom.
  6. The download and installation should begin automatically. If the download doesn't start, click on the link that is appropriate for your platform. Run the installer file after the download is complete.
  7. When the program is finished installing, it will ask you to reboot. Do not reboot if you wish to read the first message in your web messenger account. Instead, click Continue on the PGP Universal webpage to read the first message that was sent. PGP Universal Satellite will decrypt all future messages from that sender.
  8. Exit all programs and restart the computer.


Enroll PGP Universal Satellite 

  1. After installing PGP Universal Satellite and rebooting the system, you will be asked for the passphrase that you entered at the PGP Universal Server login page.
  2. Enter the passphrase, and click OK.
  3. If a key generation wizard appears, then please refer to the key generation instuctions in .
  4. If no key generation wizard appears, then you are ready to begin sending encrypted messages through PGP Universal Satellite. Just send emails the way you normally would, PGP Universal Satellite will do the rest.