HOW TO: License PGP Desktop 8.x


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This article describes and shows how to license PGP 8.x for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP. Windows 95 is not supported by PGP 8.x.

After installing PGP Desktop 8.x you must enter a name, organization, and license number to authorize your copy of PGP 8.x with PGP's authorization server.


Authorize your copy of PGP 

1. Click Start, click Run, then type the following: pgptray

2. Click OK. You should now see the PGPtray icon (gray or gold padlock) in your system tray.

3. Click the PGPtray icon, then click License. If you have already authorized the software prior to this attempt, click Change License.

4. Enter a Name and Organization of your choice.


Note: Remember that if you are the first person authorizing a multi-seat license, those who authorize PGP after you must enter the EXACT same Name and Organization. Conversely, if you are not the first person authorizing a multi-seat license, you must enter the EXACT same name and organization as the first person who authorized PGP.

5. Enter your 28-character license number. TIP: To avoid typing errors and make the authorization easier, copy the entire 28-character license number. Then put the cursor in the first License Number field, and paste. Your entire 28-character license number will be correctly entered into all six License Number fields.

6. Click the Authorize button.

7. When PGP is authorized, click OK to close the details about your license.