HOW TO: Download and Install PGP Desktop for Macintosh


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This article describes how to download and Install PGP Desktop for Macintosh.


Download PGP Desktop
For purchases after July 6, 2009

After completing your purchase of PGP software through the PGP Online Store, you will receive an order confirmation email that includes a link to login and download the software.  
Beginning Feb 2011, PGP products are downloaded via the Symantec Licensing Portal.
For purchases prior to February 7, 2011, use the following steps to download your software.  If accessing the site, you are redirected to the Symantec Licensing Portal. You can then enter your email address to request your Symantec Licensing Portal account information. 

Your account information contains your purchase information including Product Description, License Type, Number of Seats and Maintenance Level you purchased.

1. Login to your Symantec Licensing Portal account.

2. Click Get Software.
3. Select the preferred download method.
4. Select the file(s) to download for your product and then click Begin Downloading.
5. Choose to save the file to disk, and then choose a location to save the download file.
6. Click Save to begin the download

For purchases prior to July 6, 2009, your download link is included in your order conformation email. Use the directions below to download PGP Desktop.

When you purchased PGP Desktop, you should have received an order confirmation email from PGP Corporation. The order confirmation email contains a link (URL), which allows you to download your copy of PGP Desktop.


Note: Often the link in the order confirmation email is large enough to wrap over several lines. This may cause the link to be only partially hyper-linked. As a result, when the link is clicked, a download link error may occur. To avoid this, copy/paste the entire link into your Web browser's address bar. In order to copy the whole link, you may need to copy the link in several parts.

Download PGP

To download the PGP Desktop software, please follow these steps:

1. Open your PGP order confirmation email. If you do not have your PGP order confirmation email, please contact customer service (see contact details under the NOTES section above).

2. Locate the portion of the email that says Download your product(s) here and click on the ensuing link.


3. When you get to the PGP web site, click the Download button.


Install PGP

The PGP Desktop installation file is located inside a .sit or .bin file. The contents may be expanded using Stuffit Expander. After expanding the contents, you can mount the PGP installation disk and double click the PGP installation package file to begin installing PGP Desktop.

Expand the contents of the PGP download file

1. Double click on the .bin or .sit file you downloaded from PGPs web site. Once the file has been expanded, there should be a PGP* Folder in the same directory as the download file.
2. Double click on the new folder, if it doesn't open automatically.
3. Double click on the PGP disk image (*.dmg) file. The PGP disk image should now mount and open on your screen.

Install PGP

1. In the PGP disk image window, double click the PGP.pkg file.
2. Click Continue.
3. Click Continue on the License Agreement Screen, read it, and then click Agree.
4. Select the installation destination, then click Continue.
5. Click the Install button. If prompted, enter your password and click OK.
6. When PGP is successfully installed, click Close.