HOW TO: Use the PGP Desktop 9.x AOL Instant Messenger Proxy for Windows


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This article describes how to encrypt AOL Instant Messenger sessions with PGP Desktop 9.x for Windows.

AIM sessions between two systems running PGP Desktop 9.x are protected automatically when PGP Desktop 9.x is installed and the PGP AIM Proxy is enabled.


Note: Both AIM users MUST have PGP Desktop 9.x installed for the session to be encrypted. It is not sufficient that one user have PGP Desktop installed. Both must have the AIM Proxy enabled. Both users also have to be added to the buddy list in the AIM settings.


Enable PGP AIM Proxy

The PGP AIM Proxy is enabled by default if the option was not unchecked during installation. If the proxy is disabled, there are two ways to enable it. These methods are as follows:


  1. Click on the PGP Desktop padlock in the system tray. Click Use PGP AIM Proxy. The option will have a check by it when enabled.
  2. Open PGP Desktop through Start>Programs>PGP menu. Pull down the Tools menu, and click Use PGP AIM Proxy.

How to Know the Session is Encrypted

When the option is enabled you should see an alert in the system tray which states PGP Desktop Secured AOL Instant Messenger session for [screen name] has started. Additionally, other users will see a padlock next to your screen name. You will see in the conversation a note that the conversation is being encrypted by PGP Desktop.